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Frequently Asked - Questions from healthcare professionals
Why should I consider a career as a traveling healthcare professional?
  Freedom. Earning potential. Résumé building. Exciting destinations.
Why should I travel with Synergy?
  With Synergy Medical Staffing, you’ll , and supporting you before, during, and between assignments. Our relationships with respected healthcare organizations around the country allow us access to more job openings, and you hear about them before the general public. We not only provide higher quality opportunities, but higher quality opportunities that fit your unique criteria in terms of salary, assignment length, location, etc.
What can I expect in terms of salary?
  In most cases, you can expect more pay in less time.  After nine months of travel assignments with Synergy Medical Staffing, travelers typically earn what they would have made in a year with a permanent position.  But if flexibility means more to you, take time off when you want and earn a more conventional salary. Our traveling professionals make up to $125,000.00 per year!
What about benefits? Will I be covered no matter where or how often I travel?
  As long as you’re working with us and meet our standard eligibility requirements, you’ll have access to a host of benefits, including health, dental, vision, 401k and a long list of other competitive benefits. In between assignments, your insurance benefits can be continued through our COBRA program.
How do I handle housing, transportation, and the incidentals I’ll need to get settled in a new place?
  We’ll make it a seamless experience for you. Just discuss timeframes, logistics, and any special needs with your recruiter.  She will pull together the necessary paperwork and take care of the details.
How do I acquire licensing for multiple states?
  Your recruiter will walk you through the licensure paperwork. We also offer license and CEU reimbursement.
Will you keep me busy?
  We will keep you as busy as you want to be!  Keep in mind that as long as you’re somewhat flexible about where you work and when, there will be plenty of job opportunities. Talk to your recruiter. With a little planning, he can watch for the jobs you want and call you with the options.
Can I travel with my family and/or pets?
  Yes! A happy traveler is the best kind. We’ll research housing options to accommodate your needs and help you with other arrangements.
Who do I call if I have questions?
  Call your recruiter. They’ll have, or find, all the answers you need.